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Cultural and creative industry

Cultural and creative industry

The cultural and creative industry development directions in Haidian District mainly concentrate on the following four industries of software network and computer service, radio film and television, design service and press, among which the software network and computer service industry are the fastest-growing field with a closest integration of Haidian culture and technology.

By the end of 2012, there was a total revenue of RMB 384 billion in cultural and creative industry. Approximately 2800 enterprises above the designated size accounted for one third of the whole city and are located in Haidian District. They have more than 460,000 employees and account for 47% of that in Beijing. Leading and well-known enterprises in various fields are developed and aggregated there, like Baidu, Siona, Sohu, and Tencent in the internet new media fields, Perfect World, Guangyuhuaxia, Kingsoft, Kylin net, and Netease in the online game industry, Crystal in the visual virtual technology field, Founder Group and Hanvon Technology in digital publishing, and New Auto Group, DAYANG, and Novel-Super in the movie and TV communication field.

More than ten characteristics parks have been constructed there, including the Zhongguancun Software Park about the internet new media, Tsinghai Science Park about the integration of high-end digital technology and content innovation, and Zhongguancun Creative Industry Pilot Base about the digital technology and copyright business. All these three Parks have an annual output value of more than ten billion Yuan. In addition, BeitaipingZhuang Digital Movie Base, Xishan Cultural and Creative Avenue, 768 Innovation Park, Zhongguancun Digital Television Industry Park, etc., are all included into the urban planning and are under a spanking construction.