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Yongfeng Industrial Base

Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base: located in the eastern part of Northern Haidian Ecological Science Park, the base covers an area of 1,500 hectares and a construction area of 1.3 million square meters, generating the anticipated total revenue of RMB 400 billion by 2020.

Yongfeng Industry Base is the only international industrial base for new materials in Beijing approved by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the first “pilot park for constructing accelerator for science and technology enterprises” in Beijing. Currently, the base has formed preliminary agglomeration in two industrial segments including: electronic information industry with UFIDA Software Co., Ltd, China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd, Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhou Aerospace Software Technology Co., Ltd as the representatives, new materials industry with Antai Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and Iron and Steel Research Institute and Baimtec Material Co., Ltd as the representatives. In the future, the emphasis will be on the development of strategic emerging industry clusters, including, new materials, new generation of electronic information, navigation and location service based on current industry foundation.

Zhongguancun No. One: as one of the two public city centers of Northern Haidian Ecological Science Park, it covers a total area of 25 hectares and a planned construction area of 740,000 m2. It is planned to form a high-quality public urban activity space via building large-scale central green land, to enhance land utilization efficiency by making full use of underground space, and to form rich and unique spatial form via a modularized plane grid layout and a randomly scattered architectural complex layout. By mainly agglomerating large and medium sci-tech enterprise headquarters and R&D centers, rapid-growth enterprises, and public service agencies, Zhongguancun No. One will grow into an urban complex integrating commercial offices, residences, business, entertainment and leisure, and a landmark architectural complex of northern area R&D services, and a high and new technology industry agglomeration belt.







This Project has three plots:

II-22 will be the center for industry headquarters.

IV-4 will be an “acceleration area” for enterprises with rapid growth, and II-14 will be an area for industry supporting services.

Major industry orientation: Enterprise headquarters of navigation and location service companies, and internet companies.

Schedule: 2012-2015 (II-22)

Total investment: 3.2 billion (II-22)

The accelerator of science and technology enterprises (Zone 1)



Located in Yongfeng Base, with a total construction area of 33229 square meters, the project catalyst of S&T enterprises (Zone 1) is designed for the production and R&D of high-tech industries, such as electronic information, new materials and opto-mechatronics. This project will meet the various needs of enterprises in terms of production, office work, and R&D, as well as expedite the all-around growth of enterprises by providing them with room for development, corresponding high-end services, and a complete industry-support system. The single-level of the building has a construction area from 100 to 200 square meters, a construction style of flexible split, a floor height from 3.6 to 4.5 meters, a column space of 7.8*7.5 meters and 7.2*8 meters, and a design load of 750kg/m2 and 200 kg/m2. The elevator load for cargo is 2,000kg and for passengers is 1,150kg.

Investment model:Office building for lease

The accelerator of science and technology enterprises (Zone 2)



The Project of the accelerator of science and technology enterprises (Zone 2) is located in Plot 1 -18 of Yongfeng Base, covering a total construction area of 55,789.91 square meters. This Project has 5 buildings, of which, both Building 1 and 3 have a construction area of 9,390.66 square meters each, and with Building 2 and Building 4 having a construction area of 9,858.24 square meters each. All four buildings have five floors on the ground without a basement. Building 5 has a construction area of 17,292.11 square meters, with five floors on the ground and one underground floor. With the exception of the room reserved for property management and the space that cannot be shared, the entire building has been sold to China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

Investment model:Office building for lease


The accelerator of science and technology enterprises (Zone 3)



The accelerator of science and technology enterprises (Zone 3) is located in Plot I-22 of Yongfeng Industrial Base, covering an area of 4.54 hectares, of which, the floor area ratio is 1.3, the height control is 24 meters, the greening rate is 34% and the construction density is 30%.

The total construction area is 85,698 square meters, of which, the construction area on the ground is 59,000 square meters. This Project has 13 independent buildings with each building covering an area of 3,700 – 5,800 square meters, and 25,000 square meters utilized for public services. The building is specially designed for enterprises with rapid growth. The construction of this Project has already started, and is to be completed by the end of 2012.

Technology indexes: This building has 5 floors, with floor height of 4.5, 4, 4, 4, and 4.2 meters respectively, and 1 floor under-ground with a floor height of 3.9 meters. The first and second floors are open spaces. The floor load capacities are 500 kg/m2 for the first floor, and 200 kg/m2 for the rest. Each building has a passenger elevator of 1000 kg capacity.

Energy System: The strong electricity is designed to be 100 W/m2 and the building has a central heating system supplied by both direct-fired machine and conventional refrigerating machine. The week current is spread over the shaft way in every building and cameras are placed at major monitoring locations of every doorway in each building.

Investment model:Office building for lease

Location and Area of the commercial finance plots and resident plots of New Expanding Part of Yongfeng High-Tech Industry Base


Plot Number

Use of Land

Land Area(hectares)

capacity ratio 

Construction Area (10,000 m2)


H 4-1-132






H 4-1-158






H 4-1-166






H 4-1-120






H 4-1-131






H 4-1-162

 commercial finance 





G 4-1-097

 commercial finance





G 4-1-093

commercial finance





Project Zhongguancun No. 1