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Northern Haidian

Haidian borders the Beiwang Mountains. The district is composed of two parts: the north and the south. The south part has already been constructed. The north part covers an area of 226 square kilometers, which accounts for 53% of the total area of Haidian District and includes four counties of Xibeiwang, Wenquan, Sujiatuo, and Shuangzhuang, as well as 62 administrative villages. Of the total 120,000 registered population, the agricultural population is about 55,000. The north area is the most important hinterland for the future development of Haidian District.

Located in the northwest area of downtown Beijing, Northern Haidian — Center of Innovative District (CID)serves as a key carrier to implement innovation-driven strategy and to build an innovation-oriented country initiated by the CPC Central Committee and State Council of China. In addition, it is an integral part of the Northern Area R&D service and high-tech industrial belt for the “two-city and two-belt” high-tech development space layout under the key planning and construction of Beijing during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. Adjacent to Zhongguancun Science City, historical and cultural sites represented by “Three Mountains and Five Imperial Gardens”, and boasting of favorable ecological environment (Daxishan Mountain Scenic Area, Nansha River, Beisha River and Beijing-Miyun Aqueduct) and extensive development space, the Park is an ideal place to implement R&D and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. By 2020, subject to the principle of “Centralized Land Use, Industry Clusters, Facilities, Eco-friendly Environment, Holistic Planning of Urban and Rural Areas”, the Park will be constructed to be a S&T innovation development base with global influence, generating a total revenue of over RMB 1 trillion; and to be a model park showcasing urban and rural overall development, and a first-rate eco-city with superior ecological environment.

The total construction land is planned to be 69 km2, accounting for 30% of the whole park, and the rest 70% will be green space; the planned total construction scale is approximately 48 million m2, among which industrial and residential construction scales achieve 27 million m2 and 10 million m2 respectively, with a planned residential population of 300,000 to 380,000, and is anticipated to create 450,000 to 620,000 jobs. Among the construction land, the industrial and supporting land reaches 43 km2, mainly centering along Beiqing Road and Zhongguancun Cuihu Science Park, Yongfeng Industrial Base and Zhongguancun Software Park.

Zhongguancun Cuihu Science Park

Zhongguancun Cuihu Science Park, located in the central area of Northern Haidia, is planned to cover 1,870 hectares with a total construction area of 13.5 million square meters. The Park will achieve total revenue of RMB 500 billion by 2020.

The park will be, based on the planning concept of building a modern science park and through mixed functions, constructed into a people-oriented and low-carbon green base for science innovation and for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. In the meantime, following the principle of “City and Industry Integration”, multi-tiered supporting facilities encompassing residences, commerce, education, culture and health care are rationally distributed, to account for equalization of public supporting and public space. In this manner, a 24-hour City of Vigor integrating work, life, entertainment and leisure will be completed.

Currently, Zhongguancun Cuihu Science Park has formed a preliminary agglomeration in three industrial segments including: energy and environment protection industry represented by China CBM, Everbright Environmental Protection, and State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute; network communication industry represented by Huawei, Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd. and SINODSP; and technological and financial industry represented by Beijing Data Center of People’s Bank of China, North Data Center of Agricultural Bank of China, Data Center of China Development Bank, Beijing Manufacturing Base of China Construction Bank and R&D Center of Sunshine Insurance Group. The following strategy, subject to the development concept of “Industry Clusters” and dominated by leading enterprises, will focus on building a special park of strategic emerging industries incorporating energy and environmental protection, network communication, and biomedicine, etc.

Cuihu International Business Park: has a land occupation of 80 hectares and a scale of 2.3 million m2. By integrating Daoxianghu Lake and Wenyang Road rail transit terminals and adopting the TOD mode to implement integrated construction of underground space, this park realizes centralized land use and grows to be an international business park radiating out to the northern area with multiple functions, such as sci-tech enterprise headquarters, business finance and cultural leisure.







Yongfeng Industrial Base

Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base: located in the eastern part of Northern Haidian, the base covers an area of 1,500 hectares and a construction area of 1.3 million square meters, generating the anticipated total revenue of RMB 400 billion by 2020.

Yongfeng Industry Base is the only international industrial base for new materials in Beijing approved by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the first “pilot park for constructing accelerator for science and technology enterprises” in Beijing. Currently, the base has formed preliminary agglomeration in two industrial segments including: electronic information industry with UFIDA Software Co., Ltd, China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd, Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhou Aerospace Software Technology Co., Ltd as the representatives, new materials industry with Antai Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and Iron and Steel Research Institute and Baimtec Material Co., Ltd as the representatives. In the future, the emphasis will be on the development of strategic emerging industry clusters, including, new materials, new generation of electronic information, navigation and location service based on current industry foundation.

Zhongguancun No. One: as one of the two public city centers of Northern Haidian, it covers a total area of 25 hectares and a planned construction area of 740,000 m2. It is planned to form a high-quality public urban activity space via building large-scale central green land, to enhance land utilization efficiency by making full use of underground space, and to form rich and unique spatial form via a modularized plane grid layout and a randomly scattered architectural complex layout. By mainly agglomerating large and medium sci-tech enterprise headquarters and R&D centers, rapid-growth enterprises, and public service agencies, Zhongguancun No. One will grow into an urban complex integrating commercial offices, residences, business, entertainment and leisure, and a landmark architectural complex of northern area R&D services, and a high and new technology industry agglomeration belt.








Zhongguancun Software Park

Zhongguancun Software Park: located on the southeastern corner of Northern Haidian and adjacent to Shangdi Information Industry Base, the park covers an area of 2,600 hectares and a scale of 2.06 million m2, generating anticipated total revenue of over RMB 100 billion upon completion.

By introducing the “floating island” concept, the park is planned to create a forest-type and low-density eco-office area. Phase I, completed so far, already stands at the forefront of leading the development of software and information service industry in China, and also becomes an important gateway for international communication of high and new technology industries; Phase II, highlighting the theme of innovation drive and green development, intends to attract mobile internet industrial enterprises to settle down, such enterprises include, Lenovo, Tencent, Sina, Baidu and Netease, forming a special park of mobile internet industry.

As one of the four state-level software industry bases and software export bases, Zhongguancun Software Park will take the lead in becoming a sci-tech innovation center with global influence in the software and information services field.









Two more “specialized, focused, unique and brand-new” industrial bases in northern area of Haidian in 2012

Zhongguancun mobile internet industry base

Relying on the advantages of mobile internet industry and its relevant application fields, in vicinity of Zhongguancun Software Park and Shangdi Information Industry Park, taking the Environmental Protection Park and the Hot Spring Park as an industry extension area, the Zhongguancun mobile internet industry base is formed and echoes the Zhongguancun Science Park in a north-south location pattern. As a key national development area of mobile internet industry, Zhongguancun mobile internet industry base aims to construct the Zhongguancun Software Park and Shangdi Information Industry Park to be a national demonstration base, to make the Cuihu Environmental Protection Park and the Hot Spring Park to be a manufacturing center of mobile internet industry, and develop Zhongguancun Science Park to be a talent library of mobile internet industry.

BDStar Navigation and spatial information service industry base

Relying on the advantages of navigation and location services industry in Zhongguancun, in vicinity of Yongfeng High-tech Industry Park, Zhongguancun No. 1 Park and its northern area, and adhering to the axis of “Beijingqing Road and Qibei Road”, the BDStar navigation and spatial information service industry base is formed and echoes the Zhongguancun Science Park in a north-south location pattern. As a key national development area of navigation and location services, BDStar aims to construct the Yongfeng High-tech Industry Park to be a national demonstration base, to make Zhongguancun No.1 Park and its northern area to be a manufacturing center of navigation and location services industry, and develop Zhongguancun Science Park to be a talent library of navigation and location services industry.








The Central Area agglomerating the R&D, technical service and high-end features

The Zhongguancun West Area

The Zhongguancun West Area is located in the middle of Haidian District; it is the center of Haidian Science Park. The Area reaches the Zhongguancun Street to the east, the Suzhou Street to the west, the North Fourth Ring Road to the north, the Haidian South Road to the south. The planned floor area of the Area is 94.6 hectares, with a total construction area of 3.4 million square meters. The core area of Zhongguancun West Area (hereafter called “Small West Area”) is a central area surrounded by the North Fourth Ring Road, Zhongguancun Road, Danleng Street and Caihefang Road, with a total construction area of 1.5 million square meters and among which, 250,000 square meters are under construction (the rest region of the Zhongguancun West Area called “Big West Area”).

High-quality office buildings including China Steel Building, the Ideal Building, the third pole building, Creative CEO building, Zhongguancun PE building, and Shuohuang building, etc are all located in this West Area, and lots of famous enterprises have settled there, like Sina, Aigo, Baidu, Tencent, Sinosteel, ChemChina, and State Machine Group, etc.






The Science City in Zhongguancun (Zhichun Road, Xueyuan Road, and Zhongguancun Street)

This area is along the Zhichun Road, Xueyuan Road, and Zhongguancun Street and includes the region in the vicinity (Map shows below). The Haidian government plans to construct this area as:

Based on the information network and space technology, to build “the Zhongguancun Centennial Avenue of Information Network” with the College Road as the centre, to build “the Zhongguancun International Port of Aerospace Technology” with the Zhichunlu Street as the centre, and to build “the Zhongguancun Scientific Financial Accumulation Area and Future Life Innovation Center” with the Zhongguancun Street as the centre. Focus on the high-end element resources, links and types of business, actively gear national key projects, strive to create three 100 billion Industry Parks, construct a series of 10 billion value bases, cultivate three to 5 world-class giant corporations, develop this area into a core area of independent innovation and an engine of trillion value industries, promote the integration of manufacturing industry and service industry, and be a model of industry upgrading in old towns.

The southern cluster of high-end business and the cultural & creative Industry

Popular investment spot

High-end business service cluster: Key construction projects including commercial districts of Gongzhufen, Ganjiakou, etc., Yuyuantan modern eco-business service area, Wukesong cultural and leisure clusters area, and international conference exhibition center.

Characteristic culture industry function cluster: Xishan Cultural and Creative Avenue, including fine arts, art creation, exhibition and trade, hotels, exhibition and other industries.

Beijing Inside-out museum, Beijing Art Museum, Arts Plaza “Creative Beijing”, Arts center, Manai grass arts center, Arts Park Meta-arts Center, Multimedia industry area

Xishan Cultural and Creative Avenue






The Northwest Area for high-end entertainment and tourism

Integrating the historical relics and cultural resources, and constructing mainly on “3 famous mountains and 5 imperial gardens” historical and cultural scenic spot and the Daxishan tourist area, the Northwest Area for high-end entertainment and tourism is aimed to be a tourist destination with high-end quality and rich cultural connotation.

Construct “3 famous mountains and 5 imperial gardens” historical and cultural scenic spot

Historical relics reservation

Ancient capital representative

World high-end tourist destination

Map of “3 famous mountains and 5 imperial gardens” historical and cultural scenic spot

Construc the Daxishan tourist area and the following are the tourist investment projects in planning:

1.Xianshan Free World --- Daxishan Leisure complex

Construction contents including international food court, idyllic farms, Saint-John Perse memorial

2.Hot Spring Country Park --- Hot Spring Resort complex

Construction contents including Natural Mountain Park, Hot spring business club, Honglou Culture District, etc.

3.Xianshan submontane future city

Construction contents including S&T subject convention and exhibition center, top-level hotels, and special commercial streets.

4.Xianshan submontane mental cultivation center

Construction contents including mental cultivation resort hotel, spiritual retreat garden, Buddhist institution, etc.

5.Ten Mile Fragrant Street --- the Fragrant Hill characteristic blocks

The Fragrant Hill tourist comprehensive service base, the Fragrant Hill maple culture leisure experience area, and a complete Jingyi imperial Park historical and cultural exhibit area

6.Xishan landscape corridor

Construction contents including partial road reconstruction, road guide identification system, interpretation system, slow lanes (bicycle path and footparth), tourist service facility, and landscape optimization

Overseas Students Start-up Park and University Science Park

Overseas Students Start-up Park

Overseas Students Start-up Park is an innovation service organization which provides business development service for the start-up work of overseas returnees, promotes the incubation of technological outcomes, and cultivate high-end talents for high-tech enterprises. Haidian Overseas Students Start-up Park was established in 1997, as the first overseas students start-up parks in Beijing, it has accumulated considerable achievements till now.

By the end of 2011, among all the 33 overseas students start-up parks in Beijing, 21 of them are located in Haidian District, accounting for 64%. The total incubation area is approximate 350,000 square meters and among all the 1752 enterprises, enterprises established by overseas personnel are 845, with an increase of 123 enterprises in 2011. The accumulated number of incubating enterprises is 3548 (2311 of overseas students) and of graduated enterprises is 1090. Haidian Overseas Students Start-up Park attracts a total of 3646 overseas returnees, with an increase of 207 persons in 2011, and 45,724 employees and possesses 2366 proprietary intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, the total revenue of technology, industry and trade integration is RMB 30.5 billion, and the tax revenue is RMB 1.4 billion.

In 2011, 7 enterprises within the 21 overseas students start-up parks got a total of RMB 123 million equity investments.







University Science Park

Relying on the resources advantages of science, technology, talents and other social resources from universities, University Science Park is a platform and service organization, which assists the achievement transformation of colleges and universities, incubation of high-tech enterprises, cultivation of innovation pioneering talents, and combination of production and research.

By the end of December 31st, 2011, Haidian Park has 16 university science parks, among all the 26 university science parks in Beijing, which accounts for 62% of the total. Including Tsinghua Science Park, Peking University Science Park, and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Science Park, there is a total f 12 national university science parks, while the total number is 14 in Beijing. University science parks play an important role in cultivating innovation talents, transforming colleges’ scientific and technological achievement, incubating high-tech enterprises, promoting high-tech enterprises development, speeding up regional economic construction and technological progress, and alleviating employment pressure.

Covering a total area of 1.35 million square meters, the 16 university science parks have 1679 enterprises (482 of them are established by overseas students), accumulated 2492 incubated enterprises (1132 of them are established by overseas students) and 1019 graduated enterprises, 1953 overseas students and a new increase of 138 in 2011. Six enterprises got a total of RMB 2.1 million equity investments in 2011, attracting 220, 000 employees, possessing 4415 proprietary intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, the total revenue of technology, industry and trade integration is RMB 78 billion, and the tax revenue is RMB 6.8 billion.