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Investment News

900 million goes to public facilities in Zhongguancun

Zhongguangcun Core Area is planning to promote the construction of public facilities in Haidian Northern Ecological Science Park in 2013. With the purpose of enhancing the supporting capabilities for regional development, programs in transportation, education, health care, culture, and so forth, are all to be planned simultaneously.

17 public service facility programs are going to be promoted in 2013, with a planned investment of RMB 900 million. In addition, the construction of another 10 infrastructure programs have quickly picked up speed, with a planned investment of RMB 2.8 billion. At present, 110 kV Power Transmission & Transportation Projects in Daoxianghu, Sanxingzhuang and Yuhe are under construction. Daoxianghu Renewable Waterworks will be constructed to achieve advanced sewage disposal while Dagongcun Power Plant of Renewable Energy and the Northern New District Energy Center will be built to bring about the cooling - heating - power supplies. All above facility programs will be a strong support for the development of strategic and emerging industries in the core area.