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Investment News

Five internet companies win the 2012 special fund

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has just issued the notice of 2012 supporting plans of special fund projects for the development of Internet of Things. Five companies in Haidian District win a total of RMB 13 million special funds. Five of the six winning companies in Beijing city are situated in Haidian District, which proves that Haidian District takes an important position in the internet of things industry in the whole city. The five winning companies are Beijing Vinno Technologies Inc, Zhongtie Xinan (Beijing) Information and Security Technology Co., Ltd, Digital China, Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co., Ltd, and Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd.

The 2012 special fund projects for the development of the Internet of Things is based on the technology innovation strategy of enterprises as the main body, market as the orientation, and production and research as a combination. The fund projects aim to support key technological and innovational research projects and key applicable and model research in major fields, and facilitate the independent innovation capability of the Internet of Things in the country.

The fund projects support key applicable and model research in the following major fields: intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, and intelligent medical fields. The fund projects also support key technological and innovational research projects including the design and research and development of the ultrahigh frequency and microwave RFID chip products, miniature and intelligent sensor technology, wireless sensor network ad-hoc network technology, low-power wireless sensor nodes products, data transfer middleware technology of Internet of Things, mass data mining of industry application technology, video image intelligent analysis and identification technology, and the security protection and security evaluation technology of Internet of Things.