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Investment News

Successful Investment Trip & Signing Ceremony

  On the 8th July 2013, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and Haidian District Government co-organized the investment trip of domestic and overseas well-known enterprises Beijing sffice as well as the key projects signing ceremony of Northern Haidian Ecological Science Park. The officials from Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau who attended the activity were Zhou Weiming, the Director, Yu Yan, the deputy Director, as well as the officials from Haidian District Government, Sui Zhenjiang, Sun Wenkai, Li Yanlai, Mu Peng, Chen Mingjie, Meng Jingwei.

  Representatives from more than 550 domestic and overseas well-known enterprises, 100 “Top ten hundred thousand” key enterprises, professional institutions, listed and to-be-listed enterprises, were all invited to the activity. Zhou Weiming, the director of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, and Sun Wenkai, the mayor of Haidian, both made a welcome address at the conference, whilst Meng Jingwei, the deputy mayor, made a key speech on the introduction of the investment climate in Haidian and the introduction of the Zhongguancun Center of Innovation District (abbr. CID).

  16 projects with an estimated total budget of RMB 24.3 billion have been invested in the northern Haidian area at the signing ceremony. The projects were made up of the mobile internet and next-generation internet industry, bio-engineering and new pharmaceutical industry, BDStar Navigation and spatial information service, cloud computer industry, as well as the “specialized, focused, unique and brand-new” Industry Park. The 16 projects include the key industrialization promotion project of Cernet Network, which focuses on the building of next generation internet and key application technology innovation Park, and also features the accelerator projects which help the development of small and medium size enterprises, in addition to the “specialized, focused, unique and brand-new” Industry Park projects which provide industry agglomeration for specialized parks. The practice and implementation of these industrialization projects would help speed up the spatial agglomeration of the strategic emerging industry in Northern Haidian Ecological Science Park, help promote the advantages of high-end and characteristic industry cluster, and help boost the development of CID.

  The parallel promotion meeting in the afternoon was to introduce the northern Haidian Ecological Science Park, northern town industrial park, and the key investment projects in southern Haidian. In addition, the organizers provided on-site consulting at the information centre, which saw the presence of more than 200 enterprises.