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Zhuangguancun “1+6”Policy

Zhuangguancun “1+6”Policy

The “1” stands for building Zhongguancun Innovation platform.

Zhongguancun S&T Innovation and Industrialization Promotion Center (referred to Zhongguancun Innovation Platform) held the opening ceremony on December 31st, 2010. This platform takes responsibility for all decisions of great importance, resource integration, and efficiency improvement. Specifically, by strengthening coordination and supervision of cross-level and cross-department examinations and approvals, the platform will promote the industrialization of key S&T achievements, as well as build a working mechanism conducive to the implementation of pilot policies, thereby formulating a service system intended for S&T innovation and industrialization, which is efficient in operation and full of dynamics.

The “6” stands for the six new pilot policies directing furtherance of the spearhead reform in Zhongguancun.

To promote the the management of S&T achievements and beneficiary rights, the central government public institution has the authority to independently manage the project under RMB 8 million. Develop a perfect share incentive mechanism, using stocks to reward talents in high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park and improving the tax incentives. Relevant national departments and Beijing government will formulate detail regulations about share incentive mechanism.

Zhongguancun Special Zone for Talents

On March 2011, 15 Central government ministries and commissions including the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, together with the Beijing Municipal Government jointly issued a circular urging to fast track the construction of the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone with global influence, and also as a special zone for talents with Chinese characteristics. Soon after, Haidian as the core area of Zhongguancun promulgated more than 20 incentive measures in order to speed up the development of high-caliber talents, to establish and improve working system for top talents, to build platforms for their career development, to establish top talent service and social security system and to offer no less than RMB 100 million each year as a special funding designated for the support services.

Notice of further nationally encouraged policies for software industry and integrated circuit industry development by the State Department

1.Taxation policies

Value-added tax, business tax, and corporate income tax (“Two avoid three halve”, “Five avoid five halve”) preferential policies

2.Investment and financing policies

Support the technological progress and technological improvement projects of integrated circuit enterprises; support and encourage the cross-regional restructuring and acquisitions of software enterprises and integrated circuit enterprises, with the purpose of resources integration and extension; support the pioneering business and capital raising for small and medium size software enterprises and integrated circuit enterprises.

3.Research and development policies

Take full advantage of various capital resources, and substantially support the scientific and technological innovation. Encourage the construction of industrial technology innovation strategy alliances of production and research in software enterprises and integrated circuit enterprises, and promote the synergetic development of industry chains. Stimulate software enterprises developing more software testing and evaluation technology, perfecting relevant standards, improving software R&D capability and quality, and strengthening the brand building and products competitiveness.

4.Imports and exports policies

Support enterprises to “going out” to establish overseas marketing networks and R&D centers, promote the export of integrated circuit, software and information service, and strive to develop international outsourcing service, etc.

5.Personnel policy

Speed up the perfection of various incentive mechanism including share option, technology investment, and stock appreciation right, to put into great play the initiative and creativeness of R & D staff and management teams. Reward software and integrated circuit high-level talents who have outstanding contribution, and according to the requirement of overseas senior talents, accelerate the overseas senior talents recommendation and recruitment regulations.

6.Intellectual Property policies

Encourage enterprises registering computer software copyrights, especially for applying for international intellectual properties. Strictly executing the intellectual property protection system of software and integrated circuits, fight against piracy; improve the protection of software copyrights and integrated circuit layouts on network environment, promote the use of genuine software, and explore to establish a long-effective protection mechanism.

7.Intellectual property policies

Polices including guiding the outsourcing of information technology research and development application service to professional enterprises, further standardizing the software and integrated circuit market, giving full play to industry association, providing good industrial development environment, perfecting the customer privacy and business secret protection system on the network environment, and promoting the network development of software and information service.

Beijing executing and implementing method of Stipulations of Encouraging multinational corporations to establish regional headquarters in Beijing

Fund subsidies for registered capital

(Fund subsidies are issued in the first three years with a proportion of 40%, 30%, and 30%; the accumulated subsidies should be no more than RMB 10 million.)


RMB million

RMB million

RMB million

Registered capital

500 >X≥100

1000 >X≥500


Fund subsidies




Subsidies for operating revenue

(Subsidies are issued in the first three years with a proportion of 40%, 30%, and 30%; the accumulated subsidies should be no more than RMB 10 million.)


RMB million

RMB million

RMB million

Operating revenue

500 >X≥100

1000 >X≥500


Reward Funds




Subsidies for rent or purchase

Self-built or purchase office occupancy: RMB 1000 per square meters * 5000 square meters (upper limit)

Rent office occupancy: subsidies in the first three years with a proportion of 30%, 20%, and 10% of the annual rent fee; the area for subsidies should be no more than 3,000 square meters.

Bonus for senior executives

Bonus for one major principal, accounting for 80% of his contributes to local finance within one fiscal year and no more than RMB 500, 000. This bonus is available for three years after the qualification confirm of the regional headquarters.

According to policy of Beijing attracting senior talents reward management regulations, senior executives serve as deputy general manager and similar position or above will be rewarded a bonus equivalent to 80% of local retention funds of individual income tax revenue in the previous year, for their consumption of property, cars, and trainings, which should be no more than RMB 300,000.

Lists of Policy System on Independent Innovation and Industrial Development Acceleration in the Core Area of Haidian District

Some opinions about Independent Innovation and Industrial Development
Acceleration in the Core Area

--Environment construction and innovation capability improvement module

1. Supports to promote the development of micro, small and medium-sized
enterprise in Haidian District

2. Supports to promote the innovation development of the enterprises in Haidian

3. Supports to promote the development of science and technology service industry
in Haidian District

4. Supports to promote the development of talents innovation pioneering business
in Haidian District

5. Supports to promote the development of commercial business in Haidian District

-- Key industries and key enterprises module

6. Supports to promote the development of key industries in Haidian District

7. Supports to promote the service and absorption of key enterprises in Haidian

8. Supports to promote the development of tourist industry in Haidian District

-- Science, technology and finance module

9. Supports to promote the innovation development of science, technology and
finance in Haidian District

-- Other Supports 

10. Special funds management to accelerate the independent innovation and
industrial development in Haidian District

To apply the Special Funds or source relevant policies, please refer to the following website:

Zhongguancun Science Park Haidian Science Park management committee website:

Haidian District government website: